Carpathian Horse Trekking was founded on the 7th of August 2017 by Calin Popa, having the dream to bring horses and people together in numerous adventures. In 2019 we started organizing two and three days treks, offering all-inclusive packages for beginners. In 2020 we started experimenting with 5 days treks. Now we offer a variety of riding adventures for people that have never ridden before to people that are experienced in the art of equestrian. From short forest rides to 2-5 days horse treks in the Carpathian Mountains, and even 8 days in the Sahara Desert or the Atlantic Coast – everything all inclusive. We have many stories to tell, but they’re better told around the fire or while riding through the mountains.​

Tour Guide Team: Carpathian Horse Trekking

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Calin Popa
Founder & Instructor
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Ana-Maria Nacu
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Emma Stoica